Matt Herrington

Favorite PSBLTYism

Be 100


When I was 16 years old, my mantra was “I do what I want”. I have always had a thing for freedom. The businesses I built in agriculture after college created anything but freedom. One day I had the profound realization that there were no people there, and I wanted to be with and develop people and leaders. The transition to a people development role for a large agricultural cooperative in the Midwest provided a unique opportunity to study, survey and interview hundreds of employees, managers, and organization leaders. I knew more freedom had to be possible for myself and organizations. My life’s purpose is to help people see the possibility of real freedom and be bold, authentic leaders.

Personal Manifesto

I am that others may see the possibility of freedom. Freedom from the past, freedom from shame, freedom from the opinions and actions of others. I am that commitment can be created and that compliance is never needed.

Personal Side

Spending time with my family | Traveling | Playing and coaching sports | Being outdoors | Fishing