Chris Smith

Favorite PSBLTYism

BMW (Be My Word)


I realized at a young age that part of my life's mission was to share my ideas with the world. In 6th grade, at the year-end school assembly, I was given the award for "least likely to be in my seat." I couldn't sit still when I knew there were people to talk to. Fast forward to my first real career as a commercial real estate broker and then a financial advisor, and that same desire to share my ideas with others grew. But it started to become more than just ideas for me. I wanted to explore what was actually possible for myself. To see who I could become in my life, in my faith, in my family, and in my business. And as I continued to experience more of what was truly possible for me, I felt called to share possibility with the world. My life's purpose is to help people see what is possible for them in every area of their life.

Personal Manifesto

I am unconditional love. I am infinite PSBLTY. I am unlimited freedom.

Personal Side

Roping | Weight Lifting | Being active with my kids | Husband | Travel | Date Nights