Marisa Zurn

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As the 5th child born in a family of 8, I have many of the traits of a middle child… I love teamwork, cooperation and collaboration. So naturally, as a collegiate gymnast, being part of a team and knowing I contribute to the success of the team strengthened my teamwork values. Later on in life, I did the same things inside the organizations I supported in the medical, beauty and financial industries. Opportunities always find me and my north star inside any organization is above all else, integrity. I am a behind-the-scenes, lead-from-the-back supporter of those humans inside companies who are the out-in-front visible leaders and my greatest joy is supporting and connecting with clients, team members and partners, showing up when people need me.

Personal Manifesto

I am a bold leader.

I am a powerful presence.

I am fiercely loyal.

I am open to limitless possibilities.

Personal Side

Spending Time With My Family | Watching Sports | Baking