Kristen Lena

Favorite PSBLTYism

Boldness is your birthright


Being born into a loud, loving Italian New York family, boldness was the blood that ran through my veins. After graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Communication, I quickly realized that I wasn’t meant to simply exist inside of a company for a paycheck. My life mattered and I wanted to make a difference more than anything. Led down the path of personal development, my greatest gifts are seeing patterns in communication and teaching ninja comm skills to others, realizing we’re all here on the planet to serve / contribute and that connection and love are the most important currencies we have. I’ve run two successful businesses (a fitness bootcamp and coaching business teaching women the power of authenticity), I’m raising two beautiful, smart and worthy daughters as a single mom and I’m here to do work that moves people to be their most bold, authentic selves. Speaking, teaching and leading are what I LOVE doing more than anything!

Personal Manifesto

I am that my intensity opens up infinite possibility in others, giving them full-throttle permission to rise into the truth of who they are. Around me, people are inspired. Around me, people are present to their own brilliance. Around me, people are seen, heard and gotten in ways they’ve never experienced before. Around me, people are held high.

Personal Side

Volleyball | Tennis | Yoga | Travel | Personal Growth | Comedy | Being the most amazing mom to my 2 kids | Singing in the shower at the top of my lungs